Backstage: Memphis

Backstage: Memphis with Brawin is a web based television show highlighting the fabulous people, places and events that make Memphis the interesting city that it is.

A year ago I started spending more time at my home in Memphis and I quickly realized that there were very few resources to help me in my quest to get reacquainted with my hometown.

So I’m on a journey to discover the best of Memphis culture and I’m going to document it for others who may be on a similar journey. From luxurious lifestyle experiences to entertainment to food – Backstage: Memphis will take you on an adventurous, fun filled ride!

I’m going to take you backstage and give you an all access pass to those entities that are uniquely Memphis. The media isn’t especially kind to the city so Backstage: Memphis is committed to focusing on the positives.

I invite you to tune into the show via our You Tube Channel called Brawin Backstage. Regular visits to this website will provide webisode recaps, event photos, upcoming show details and customer incentives from our sponsors. Along the way I’ll blog about the show and I’ll have fun doing that too…

Come on. Let’s Go Play!

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Backstage at Make A Wish: Mid South – Wine for Wishes

Backstage at Mix Odyssey 

Backstage Talk Show “Single! Satisfied! Single?” 

Backstage with YWCA of Greater Memphis and the Purple Reign Ball 

Backstage Live at the NBC Studio with Edward Bogard 

Backstage with Memphis City Beautiful Curb Couture

Backstage with Cozy Corner Restaurant and Cafe Fontana 

Backstage with Porsche Club of America – Mid South Region 

Backstage with American Drag Racing League 

Backstage with Memphis Urban League Young Professionals