Meet Brawin


Remember the little girl who held extravagant tea parties?  The one who used her mommy’s real china and insisted that her friends dress up?  If you believe in destiny, then Brawin was destined, from a very early age, to become an event coordinator.

Throughout her life, both personal and professional, Brawin has been on a mission to turn everyday occasions into memorable lifestyle events.

Brawin graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a double minor in Journalism and Marketing.

Brawin spent over 10 years in the pharmaceutical sales industry. First as an award winning sales representative where she was well known for producing some of the most outstanding luncheons and creative dinner programs that her audience of physicians had ever seen. Later, as a manager, she received the highest of praise from her sales teams, peers and directors for producing sales meetings worthy of industry awards.

Brawin left a very lucrative career as a biotech sales manager to pursue her dream of becoming an event planner extraordinaire!

Past and present corporate clients include Lexus of North America, Intel Corporation, Burrell Communications Group, Associated Publications and many more.

In her spare time you will find her traveling the world, riding her motorcycle, entertaining friends and family and enjoying life in general.

Brawin regularly sits on panels, contributes articles to lifestyle publications and volunteers her time to worthy charitable causes.

At Events by Brawin we only do fabulous…